A different perspective pays off

Nobody should live with permanent complaints of the musculoskeletal apparatus. Are you dealing with difficult to treat or longer existing complaints and have you been undergoing treatment from other (para) medical specialists, but with no result? We at Orthomedix are happy to help you with your complaints. The main difference between Orthomedix and other (para) medical specialists is that we are capable of using several specialisms to help you with your difficult to treat complaints. Because of our intensive collaboration with medical specialists, every problem can be analysed from different perspectives. Therefor it is possible to objectively come up with an accurate diagnosis through X-ray, MRI of echography scanning.

Does one or more of the following complaints bother you?
Then don’t hesitate to contact us, we are happy to be of service at Orthomedix. We will review your complaint from different perspectives and provide you with personal advice.

Orthomedix has contracts with all health insurance providers, which means your treatments will be fully covered.