chronische pijn

One out of five adults and 2.25 million people in the Netherlands suffer from chronic and/or long term pain. Of these people, 34% is being treated by an orthopaedic manual therapist or physical therapist. Pain medication (e.g. NSAID’s) is used in 73% of these cases, in 25% of these cases the pain has consequences in the workplace and in 21% of these cases the pain can even lead to depression.
The care for people with chronic pain is not sufficient, they have to wait extensively for the right diagnosis and even then the results of therapy are limited or poor.
The sheer magnitude of this problem is huge and very costly. Especially in the primary care there needs to be put more effort in determining the right diagnosis, treatment plans and if necessary the right referrals.
That’s where, we as Orthomedix, believe we can make a significant difference.

(Source: “Pain Proposal 2011”)