Back complaints

Back complaints


The spine consists of lumbar, thoracic and cervical vertebrae. Between every two vertebrae an intervertebral disc makes sure that every shock or load is absorbed when sitting, standing, walking or running. The vertebrae are connected to one another bij small joints, called facet joints. Every thoracic vertebra has its associated ribs with their own small joints. Through the spine also runs the spinal cord, which connects between the nerve tissue of the arms, trunk, legs and the human brain. So the back is a complex of vertebrae, intervertebral discs and ribs which are held together by ligaments and joint capsules.

There are a lot of small muscles and a couple large back, buttock and abdominal muscles that stabilize the spine and pelvis area. When joints in the spine have limited ‘Range Of Motion’ (ROM), or are stuck in the wrong position, back complaints of all sorts can occur. Very often these complaints are accompanied by leasions of the intervertebral disc.

Back complaints can be caused by:

  • A protruding interverbral disc. In serious cases (hernia) the disc will press against the nearby nerve so hard that the nerve loses its function. This leads to muscular weakness in the leg. In milder cases the pressure on the nearby nerve causes radiating pain in the leg or back pain but no muscle weakness reduced sensibility or changes in reflexes.

  • Arthrosis or rheumatoid diseases such as Bechterew

  • Limitations in ROM of the facet joints of the spine

  • Excessive ROM in the spine, also known as hyper mobility

  • Diseases of the internal organs

  • Psycological overuse, stress relating factors

  • Any combination of the above.

Your OMT is trained to examine your back complaints meticulously and form an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan. Every cause requires its own course of therapy and treatment plan. Medical training might be part of the therapeutic proces to prepare you to get back to work or sports related activities. If necessary your OMT might consult other specialists to provide the best care possible for your quick recovery.


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