Elbow complaints

Elbow complaints

The elbow is a complex joint which connects the lower arm to the upper arm. There are multiple causes possible voor elbow complaints. After a fracture of the wrist, lower arm or upper arm or any other traumatic injury the elbow can be limited in function and movement. The Orthopaedic Manual Therapist (OMT) is able to meticulously mobilize the joints to make sure you can properly move the elbow again.

A often occurring complaint in the elbow is called ’tennis elbow’. In the opinion of an OMT the cause of the painful muscles and tendons often lies in a problem originating in the neck, which radiates to the arm. This is relatively easy to determine after a thorough physical examination. This approach to a ’tennis elbow’ often leads to satisfying treatment results. The location of the pain often appears not to be the cause of the complaint. An OMT can derive the location of the problem based on the location of the pain.

(Source: NAOMT.nl)

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