Osteoarthritis is generally also known as the wearing of the joints. It’s a disease that affects the cartilage in a joint and makes the joint more stiff. However a joint isn’t really ‘worn’, the cartilage in a joint has some restorative capabilities and is constantly renewed. The stiffness in the joints that accompanies osteoarthritis is especially noticeable in the mornings. The pain and stiffness will lessen with movement and activity. Osteoarthritis mainly occurs in the hips, knees, thumbs an fingers but can also occur in other joints of the body.

Your Orthopaedic Manual Therapist (OMT) is able to mobilize the painful and stiff joints with special techniques that will also lessen the pain you experience. Also your entire chain of movement will be analyzed and the findings of the examination will be treated accordingly. By doing this your OMT will guide you to a life of moving better and more supple without pain and stiffness in your joints.

(Source: NAOMT.nl)