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Tommy Jessurun
Orthopedic Manual Therapist (MSc.)

Having completed my masters at the SOMT university, I can now call myself a Master of Science (MSc.) in Manual Therapy. On top of this, I am also a qualified Orthopaedic Manual Therapist. Since 2006 I have been the owner of Orthomedix with locations in Den Haag, Scheveningen and in the past also in Rijswijk (de practice in Rijswijk has now been relocated to Den Haag).

After completing secondary school I started my Physiotherapy education and earned my Bachelor degree in 1989. In 1992 I opened my very first practice in Den Haag. In 1994 I specialized in Strength and Rehabilitation training, and in 1995 I completed a Neck and Back schooling specialization.

In 1996 I graduated as a Sports physiotherapist from the International Academy for Sportscience (IAS), after which, in 2004, I completed a 5 year education in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy in Delft.

I am specialized in the treatment of patients with complex chronic neck-, shoulders- or back complaints, as well as the assessment and treatment of any other pathology. At Orthomedix, we gladly accept patients that have been unsuccessfully treated by other specialists. During my career I have also assisted and trained a number of elite-athletes.

Medical specialists and (corporate) doctors regularly seek my expertise which I have built through years of clinical experience, in order to determine the proper diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.

Master students in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy from the Hogeschool Utrecht come to Orthomedix for their clinical internship. This is also the educational institute for which I have acted as a practical examiner. Additionally, many students from various Physiotherapy institutes across the country choose Orthomedix for their practical placements.

I am increasingly invited by companies to share my expertise surrounding complex pathologies by means of a presentation or lecture.

Contact: 06 30807389 or

Randy Atmo, Physiotherapist, BSc. (currently specializing in Manual Therapy, MSc.)

After graduating from high school, I started my degree in Engineering at the TU Delft. I quickly realised that this was not the direction I wanted to go in, and decided to enroll in Physiotherapy at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences.

In July of 2016, after passing my internship at Orthomedix and a 2 year traineeship, I earned my Bachelors degree in Physiotherapy and started working at Orthomedix.

Currently I'm following my MSc. in Manual Therapy at the SOMT in Amerfoort. Here I specialize in diagnosing and treating problems not only of the spine but of the entire locomotor system.

When I am not working, I like to spend my time off playing badminton and going to the gym.

At the moment I work at the Orthomedix location on the Juriaan Kokstraat 77 in Scheveningen. You can find me here on Mondag, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Or you can reach me at 06 14169431.

Jerome van Leeuwen, Physiotherapist BSc. (Hons)

After graduating from secondary school , I started a dual degree in Kinesiology and Sport Management at Western University in Canada. During my time there, my passion for the human body and injury prevention grew stronger. Halfway through my studies I decided to not waste any more time and pursue my passion in Physiotherapy. I earned my Physiotherapy BSc. (hons) from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences in July 2018.

During my studies I had the opportunity to complete numerous internships across the globe which allowed me to gain a broad perspective within the field. I gained experience in both orthopedics as well neurological rehabilitation.
Having been a patient at Orthomedix for many years myself, I can attest to the qualities of this clinic. For this reason, when presented the opportunity to work here, I seized it with both hands.

Outside of the clinic I enjoy engaging in social activities and being active. At the moment I enjoy going to the gym though, for the past 8 years, I committed myself to rowing at a national level.

Lennaert van der Horst

After obtaining my high school diploma, I started studying History at the University of Leiden. During this study I quickly realized that I wanted to do something with my hands and that I wanted to be able to put my knowledge directly into practice.

Because the working of the human body and the musculoskeletal system in particular always caught my interest, I started studying Physiotherapy at the Hogeschool Leiden in 2015.

During my studies I noticed that my interest was mainly in the understanding and treatment of musculoskeletal complaints in general and in particular of the spine. This is also why I took the minor 3-D joint steering of the spine.

After completing my thesis, I started my final internship at Orthomedix in February 2019, where I have been able to call myself a physiotherapist since June 2019.

Outside of work I like to do sports and music.

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