Prices and contracts

Orthomedix has contracts with all Dutch health insurances. This way, if you have additional insurance for physiotherapy and/or manual therapy, your sessions with us will be covered. If you do not have the appropriate coverage, you will be required to pay for your sessions on site.

The amount which you are reimbursed by your insurance depends on your additional insurance policy. Furthermore, different disciplines/specializations have varying degrees of reimbursement. Please contact your insurance or ask your therapist whether you have the appropriate coverage for your situation.

For non-Dutch insurances other costs apply. For more information please contact your insurance or ask your therapist.

Appointment cancellation

Cancellation of an appointment can only be done through contact over the telephone or through text/WhatsApp message at 06-30807389. For other ways to get in touch with us please see the contact page. An appointment needs to be cancelled no less than 24 hours in advance. Please state your name and the date and time of the appointment that you wish to cancel.

Have you forgotten an appointment?

Unfortunately it is quite common for appointments to be forgotten. Our policy therefore is to charge for any appointment which has been neglected, forgotten or cancelled less than 24 hours in advance.

Insurances do not allow treatments which have not taken place to be declared and therefore reimbursed. For this reason, we cannot declare any appointment which has been missed and you will therefore have to pay for it yourself.


During the first appointment, we ask that you bring an identification card and a valid insurance card. We are able to validate your insurance using our online system. Ultimately, you are responsible for the coverage of your treatment sessions. This also applies if there is a third party involvement, as is the case with damages following an accident.