Shoulder complaints

Shoulder complaints occur on a regular basis, especially in the age group of 50+. The Orthopaedic Manual Therapist (OMT) refers to this as the ‘shouldercomplex’. The OMT will also search for the cause of the complaints  in the neck, the upper four chest vertebrae and their associated ribs, the scapula, clavicle or collarbone and sternum. Also muscles originating and inserting in and around the shouldercomplex are being examined when trying to form a diagnosis.

If the OMT finds limitations in ‘Range Of Motion’ (ROM) in one or multiple joints, that particular joint can be treated using several techniques, after which you will be given a series of exercises to further restore the ROM of the joint.

It might also be necessary to first treat the pain, in consultation with your general pratcitioner, after which treatment to restore full funtion and ROM to the shouldercomplex can be resumed. Ulstrasound or MRI might be necessary for forming a correct and specific diagnosis.

We at Orthomedix prefer a multidisciplinary course of treatment.

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