Headache complaints are seldomly caused by a disease in the head itself. An Orthopaedic Manual Therapist (OMT) can determine if manual therapy can reduce or even take away your headache complaints. If, after a physical examination, the primary cause for your complaints isn’t a limitation of ‘Range of Motion’ (ROM) in a joint or muscle the OMT can refer you back to your general practitioner.

  • Limitations in function of joint in the spine or jaw can cause headache complaints. The OMT will check if the joints in the spine or jaw exhibit too much or too little ROM and based on these findings and those during the intake interview he will form a diagnosis. With certain interventions it’s possible for the OMT to mobilize and/or release limited joints. When the joint shows too much ROM stabilizing exercises will be given.

  • Too tight or too loose muscles inserting in the neck vertebrae and cranium (skull) can also cause headache complaints. Even tense jaw muscles can eventually lead to headache complaints. There are specific interventions for loosening tense muscles, u will learn to relax or train these muscles. When muscles are too loose or weak, strengthening exercises will be given.

  • Your physical condition can also play a role in causing headache complaints. When this is the case, training under supervision of the OMT will be helpful in treating your complaints.

  • Bad or incorrect ergonomics can also cause headache complaints. The OMT will make an analysis and correct you where it’s necessary.

(Source: NAOMT.nl)