Knee complaints

Is your knee blocked? Do you experience pain or did you underwent surgery recently? Or is it simply pain in the popliteal area?

The knee joint is subject to a lot of forces being one of the joints between the trunk and the surface. Sometimes there is an obvious traumatic moment and there is a leasion in the knee joint itself. Knee complaints can also arise due to problems in other parts of the leg, pelvis or lower back. Your Orthopaedic Manual Therapist will analyze your complaints and will physically examine not only your knee but the entire chain of movement. This is done to determine if there is a link between the knee complaints and other parts of your body, we call this a chainexamination. Compare this to a bicycle chain, if one link is weak the bicycle won’t ride comfortably and eventually this might lead to gear wheel problems. This way one thing leads to the other. The body works the same way, and a little problem might become a big problem, because it seems small and insignificant at first.

Without a thorough analysis of the primary cause of the problem a satisfying result of the treatment plan seems unlikely. Next to the therapeutic interventions specific training exercises will also be part of the treatment plan. This way it is more likely that you will reach all of the set therapeutic goals. In some cases it might be necessary to consult other specialists. Your OMT will only do this with your permission.