Sports injuries

Headaches are rarely caused by disorders in the head itself. The Orthopaedic Manual Therapist can evaluate whether manual therapy can treat the cause of your headaches. If an assessment does not bring to light any joint or muscle impairments which can explain your headaches, then we will refer you to the general practitioner.

  • Functional impairments of spinal joints or the jaw can cause headaches. The therapist feels whether these joints are hypo- or hypermobile and combines these findings with information from the history taking or additional tests. Using special techniques, the mobility of these joints can restored. If the joints are too mobile you will receive stabilizing exercises.
  • Tense and weakened muscles which attach to the cervical spine and the head can also cause headaches. Even tense jaw muscles can be cause of headaches. There are special techniques to loosen tense muscles; you learn to relax or learn exercises to train weakened muscles.
  • It could be that your endurance, or lack thereof, can play a role in the cause of your headaches. In this case, you will need to train under supervision of the therapist.

Poor sitting – or work posture/ergonomics can lead to headaches. The therapist will take the time to evaluate whether this is the case for you and teach you how to correct poor postural habits.

Translated from source: NAOMT

Tendon inflammation

Hand – and wrist complaints

Complaints of the hand and wrist can be highly disruptive. It can be caused by a trauma such as falling, or occur spontaneously during work. Is it RSI or early stage arthrosis? The Orthopaedic Manual Therapist is there to assess your complaint.

Wrist pain is rarely an isolated complaint. Even after a fall, we often see reactions in the entire arm and even in the back or neck. The therapist will work together with your to assess your complaint as accurately as possible.

Which posture or movement provokes the pain?

How is the pain alleviated?

Is the pain more present during loading or at a specific time of the day?

The complaint is looked at from every angle. The therapist will shed some light on your pain and discuss with you what the appropriate course of action is.